Toothbrush Care

Are toothbrushes good for your health. The first answer is obviously yes since they are important tools to keep your teeth clean. However, the head of your toothbrush can also be a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria and germs, which can rise to significant levels. Here are a few tips to keep your toothbrush germs and bacteria free… and healthy.

Change your brush head frequently

It is highly recommended to change the brush heads every 3 months, at least. However, in some cases, more often is better. For example, you might want to change your brush head after being sick, if you have a weaker immune system or if the toothbrush head has been worn out (for example, if the bristles are not straight anymore.

Put away your toothbrush

Rinse thoroughly your brush head after brushing your teeth. You should keep your toothbrush in a vertical position and not lying down against the counter top, where bacteria can grow. Humid environments are more conducive to bacterial growth, therefore avoid covering the head of your toothbrush as this increase germs growth and dry your toothbrush between brushing (shake it dry and air dry).

Also keep your toothbrush as far as possible from the toilets…

Brush your teeth… well

To reduce the amount of bacteria and germs on your brush head, you can try using mouthwash before brushing. However brushing your teeth twice a day can and will also achieve the same results. Indeed, the less germs in your mouth, the less germs on your toothbrush…

Bacteria and oral health

Although we talked a lot about the bad sides of bacterial growth, there is another side to bacteria. As a matter of fact, they play two roles. First, we know their bad side, where their excessive growth leads to gingivitis, cavities, dental plaque and some types of infections. On the other hand, some bacteria are useful, even necessary to control the growth of fungus and to maintain a healthy mouth.

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Braun Oral-B Electric Toothbrush

When it comes to cleaning their teeth, many people take it seriously. No wonder: clean and white teeth are not only often an indication of a good oral hygiene, but are part of being presentable, good looking. Tea stains and coffee stains are some of the most difficult stains to get rid of. Clean teeth first come with good brushing technique and habits, this is undeniable, but a good toothbrush is also a good tool to achieve great results.

Braun Oral-B electric toothbrushes are among the best electric toothbrush available. They have outstanding technology that provide cleaning similar to that of a dentist (really!). We describe here their #1 model, the Braun Oral-B SmartSeries 5000 Electric Rechargeable Power Toothbrush, a best-seller and best rated toothbrush on

Braun Oral-B SmartSeries 5000 Electric Rechargeable Power Toothbrush

The Braun Oral-b SmartSeries 5000 is a power toothbrush that is intuitive to use, easy to keep clean, well built and that is very effective at what it is made for : keeping your teeth clean clean clean. The small footprint of the portable charger make it a favorite among people with small bathroom or little space.

Purchase the Braun Oral-b SmartSeries 5000 here.

Oral-B Smartseries 5000The 5000 model is an upgrade to the slightly cheaper 4000 model and comes with an additional gadget, the Smart Guide, a wireless display that helps promote better brushing and which also doubles as an unobtrusive bathroom clock. Although some people consider this gizmo as unnecessary, others find the visual guidance, the brushing times, the brushing modes and the brushing pressure indicator to be fairly useful.


Brushing times

The quadrant guide help brushes for the 2 recommended minutes, and the deep clean mode even for a full 3 minutes.
Brushing modes
The Smartseries 5000 features five different brushing modes: Daily Clean, Deep Clean, Sensitive, Massage and Polish. The 2 first modes were designed to provide you with amazing mouth cleaning. If you suffer from sensitive gum or teeth, the Sensitive mode was designed specially for you. The Massage mode gently stimulates gums and finally, the Polish mode was designed to bring out the natural white of your teeth.

Brushing pressure indicator


If you wonder what the heck you should be using a brushing pressure indicator, well the answer is simple. Brushing is good, brushing gently, even better. By using a more gentle technique, you will promote the health of your gums, reducing the chances of gum sensitivity and early gum recession.


Brush compatibility

Because everyone have their favorite type of brush, Oral-B ensured that most of their brush heads would be compatible with the 5000 model. The brush head that compatible with the Oral-B Smartseries 5000 Power Toothbrush are: FlossAction, Pro White, Precision Clean, Sensitive Clean, Dual Clean, Power Tip, and Ortho Care.



With a regular use, the charge will last 10 days.



Overall, the Braun Oral-b SmartSeries 5000 is a great toothbrush with interesting features. Obviously, in this case, quality and technology come at a price, and the 5000 itself may not be for everyone. But if you decide to indulge yourself in five star toothbrush, the 5000 will not disappoint!
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Finding the Best Electric Toothbrush Online

Try A Best Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush have a lot of advantages. They are easy to use, and will give you that after dentist feeling, after every brushing.

Choosing your best electric toothbrush

As you’ll see from browsing online, the number of choices for electric toothbrushes can simply be overwhelming. How do you know which one is best? There are so many choices, from familiar brands like Sonicare and Braun, different models, some with extra options. So what’s the best electric toothbrush for you? Like most people, deciding which is the best electric toothbrush for your needs and budget can be an intimidating task, given the myriad of models and choices available. Luckily, we’ve put together this guide to help you, step-by-step through the process.

How to find your best electric toothbrush (online)

1) Check out a major online retailer, such as Amazon or Target, or a website which specializes in electric toothbrushes, such as Often, they will have summaries of their product guides available, as well as handy picks from their reviewers, and readers (check out our best electric toothbrush top 10 picks). Other important features include being able to search and group by popularity, ranking, price, and other factors.

2) Decide what your budget is. There are great models at every price range, just some come with more or fewer features. Decide how much you’re willing to spend, and narrow down your search to only include those products.

3) Now that you have the possibilities reduced to a small subset, you can check out all the models which have been rated with 4 or 5 stars (ideally 5). Click on each of them and read some of the customer reviews, this will give you a good idea of what other people like yourself thought of the product. Their reviews and insights into the product can help you in your decision.

4) Any toothbrushes are probably highly rated by other customers, and fall into your price range. Look at some of the features listed and decide what’s important for you to have.

best electric toothbrush sonicare flexcare plus
One of our readers' favorite, the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Plus

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