Our Readers Ask: Is an Electric Toothbrush for Toddlers Effective?

One of our readers sent in a question a while back:

“Dear Best-Electrc-Tooth-Brush.com, I grew up with English parents who never really stressed the value of brushing properly. As a result, I don’t have great habits as an adult but I’m trying to improve. Would getting an electric toothbrush for my toddler help him to have fun and enjoy brushing his teeth every day?”

Good question since good oral hygeine starts from an early age, and if you can hook them into a good routine right from the beginning you won’t have to worry about them maintaining that routine as they get older. Nothing is worse than having to hound a teenager to brush their teeth, at that age they’re really rebellious and they really should have learnt by that point anyway.


So should I get an electric toothbrush for my son/daughter?

The short answer is of course yes, you should definitely look into purchasing an electric toothbrush for your little gal or guy but beware you can’t just grab any adult brush and have them start. They’re way too powerful, pulsate much too quickly and too forcefully for a child’s delicate mouth. There are quite a few options availble that work at a much gentler speed, letting them get used to the sensation and hooked into the routine. They’re also built with a bit more of an appeal to kids, since they often come in bright colorful designs and even make games of it. Some of the better models even come with apps that load into your android or iphone and teach them about brushing and caring for their teeth.



Panasonic EW-DS32-P Kids Electric Toothbrush Portable LED

Panasonic EW-DS32-P Kids Electric Toothbrush Portable LED Pink

To a child, brushing should be as much a fun experience as it should be a useful one as it’s more about learning a process than it is about actually improving the health of their teeth. At their age it’s unlikely that they have many dental problems, but it is critical that you get them started. Panasonic’s Kids Electric Toothbrush is a fun and easy way to get them enjoying their daily brush. It’s got a nice grippy handle and is built sturdy so it should be able to withstand the inevitable drops that comes with being used by a child.

Unlike adult brushes, this model has been engineered for a child and it shows in many of the features. From the overall size which is specifically geared to a child’s jaw and mouth size to the grip which perfectly fits a child’s small hand, it’s evident that a lot of thought has been put into this.

As a parent you’re going to be helping them brush every day, so you’ll find that the little LED light will be extremely useful for lighting up the back parts of their mouth, helping you guide the brush and get deep into the back teeth. Consistent coverage of teeth one of the cornerstones of proper brushing, and getting those back teeth can be difficult and frustrating.
Overall the important thing is to get them into a daily routine, get them brushing and make it a fun and interesting experience. As a parent your responsibility is to prepare your child for the world, prepare them for everything that they may encounter, but also to teach them how to prepare themselves. Give them the gift of a good oral hygeine routine and they’ll be able to continue with it for the rest of their lives.


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