Best electric toothbrush : the oscillor-rotary and the sonic care

Are electric toothbrushes are more effective than the manual? Let’s find out.

Increasingly sophisticated, these toothbrushes are legion. But are they really more effective than manual brushes? Three experts, a dental hygienist and vocational teacher, a dentist specializing in periodontics, and a professor also head of the division of periodontics at the University of Geneva were unanimous: when you take the time to use a manual toothbrush, the result is almost equivalent to that of an electric model. However, when in a hurry, or not doing it right, electric brushes are more effective at cleaning teeth and to clean where it can be hard to reach. However, it is also important to take in consideration the quality of the electric toothbrush as it will also affect the quality of the brushing. Different criteria needs to be taken in account when choosing an electric toothbrush.

The type of technique
There are currently two main types of electric models: the oscillo-rotary and sonic vibration.

The first includes a rotating brush that removes plaque caused by bacteria. The oscillo-rotary electric toothbrush is easy to use: simply press and hold the brush on each tooth without making any movements – especially not horizontally. Make sure you properly learn to use that type of electric toothbrush because a bad use of such a model can cause abrasion of the enamel and a retraction of the gums.

The sonic care toothbrush works by vibration. It helps to activate the fluid, therefore removing the deposits on the teeth, and minimizing the risk of abrasion – with an adapted brushing technique. Better: it reduces tooth staining of smokers and heavy tea and coffee drinkers.

The oscillo-rotary models are usually equipped with a round brush, the sonic care toothbrush models with classic brushes. The rules are the same for both types of electric toothbrushes: you should favor the soft bristles and even extra-soft to protect your teeth and gums. Also, you should change the brush every month.

Useful accessories
Marketing requires the electric rotating or sonic care toothbhrushes come with increasingly advanced gadgets. Among them are the timer, indicating the duration of brushing, the personalized brushing system or a an indicator of pressure, which blocks the oscillations for a few seconds when the user presses too hard against the teeth or gums.

A battery or mains electricity, simple or sophisticated, electric toothbrushes are a must. Prices, too, since they vary between $60 to $200, depending on the number of movements per minute, programs and accessories.