Oral-B Triumph Professional Care 9950 Special Edition

Price: $269.99
Get two electric toothbrushes with two smart guides for the price of 1!! Introducing Oral B’s most technologically advanced toothbrush – Triumph with Smart Guide. It is clinically proven to provide extraordinary cleaning and improve brushing habits for healthier teeth and gums. Achieve noticeably cleaner teeth and healthier gums by your next dental check-up! Oral B’s revolutionary wireless SmartGuide display is designed to provide while-you-brush feedback to help you use the same techniques recommended by Oral-B experts. Smart Technology will tell you when to change side when brushing, when to change your heads, when the Triump 9950 needs to be recharged and much more! This special edition comes with two hands and three heads, to save even more money! The perfect Christmas present for a busy family!