All about electric toothbrushes

More effective than manual toothbrushes, safe for your teeth and gums, and now low price, electric rechargeable toothbrushes are recommended by a lot of dental healthcare professionals. Try it, you will never return back to your old manual toothbrush!

Healthy teeth and gums is part of our well-being. This is why nearly half of all dentists recommend their patients to use an electric toothbrush.

Saving time
With an electric toothbrush, you win: they work for you! No need to perform movements from the bottom to the top, just passing on the teeth slowly by making small rotations to clean the entire surface. Then you do a full rotation, from one end to another on the front, then in the opposite direction inside the mouth. Brushing time: 2 minutes, watch in hand.

More comfort
The electric toothbrush leaves an incredible result after its passage, the teeth are smoother, softer … That’s why 90% of users of electric toothbrushes are satisfied with their choice against only 70% of those who use a manual brush! But do not forget to regularly change the brush head every month or so and never lend it to avoid the spreading of germs.

Better oral protection
A toothbrush is essential for your dental hygiene. Plus it is better to opt for an electric: dental professionals agree that it can reach places, even the most difficult of access, such as the teeth at the far back. With an electric toothbrush, you will remove more plaque that can lead to the development of cavities and periodontal disease. This will prevent the deposit of tartar, and the risk of gingivitis.

The four rules of oral health
To keep your teeth nice, dentists and dental professionals recommend making regular visits to the dentist, to brush teeth at least morning and evening, to use a fluoride toothpaste and to avoid food too sweet or too acidic (coffee, candy, etc.).. You now know what you have to do to keep your best smile!